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ASI Video Scrapbooks TM

Capture your memories in a touching Video Scrapbook!

What is a Video Scrapbook?
Imagine a collection of your favorite photos, video, music, voice narration or comments, together with cool titles and transitions in a fun video to share with family and friends and to preserve your memories.

Watch all your favorite memories on a VCR, DVD player, or computer CD-ROM.

Discounts for seniors, military families, volume orders, and high schools.

We use all formats, including:

   • 8mm from reel movies
   • Camcorder (digital or tapes)
   • VHS tapes
   • DVDs
   • Photographs
   • Yearbook entries
   • Newspaper or magazine articles
   • and much more...


Other Services:

   • Professional Videography & Photography
   • Film editing
   • Film transfers to DVD
   • Digital Photo Retouching & Restoring
   • Voice Talent - narrations
   • Photos on T-shirts, mugs, etc
   • Other custom services

   - Call for Details:  (720) 962-0669


Video Scrapbooks make GREAT sentimental gifts!

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